Artist Statement : Moments of a modern ANIMUS

Like notes on a piano calling a dancer to the next step, I use the figure to express emotions as I choreograph on a canvas floor: An upheaval to allow emotional exploration.


By creating tension between opposing emotions I hope the viewer might surpass the discomfort of their insecurities and let compassion ignite what they were unaware they needed to fully explore.


Many of us let our deepest emotions lay dormant; whispers of worries, fears, transgressions and deviancies. We should express as though it is the only solution for our subconscious to fully tap in to the collective. To be connected to our-selves first: feminine to masculine, animus and anima. Once we fully recognize the duality within, and truly revel in it, we will understand others and allow our self love to follow the untamed we can’t fully fathom.

1 - Self Prayer 30 x 46.jpg

"Self Prayer"

30" x 46"

Mixed Media On Komacel

2 -  Kneel 30 x 46.jpg


30" x 46"

Mixed Media On Komacel

3 - Grab 30 x 46.jpg


30" x 46"

Mixed Media On Komacel

3 - Push & pull 23 x 35.jpg

"Push & Pull"

35 "x 23"

Mixed Media On Komacel

4 - Veins to vain 35 x 23.jpg
5 - Inner 23 x 35.jpg


35" x 23"

Mixed Media On Komacel

"Veins to Vain"

23" x 35"

Mixed Media On Komacel