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A piece that beautifully showcases the intersection of Stephanie’s technical and artistic abilities, was inspired by her intense feeling of awe and perspective seeing the Kootenay mountains and wildlife for the first time.
Castlegar Sculpture Walk 2021


Listen eloquently displays her creativity and talent in any medium. The expressive, imaginative work - lit panels of images on translucent acrylic sheets tightly grouped on an aluminum base - is arresting and undeniably powerful. - Castlegar Sculpture Walk 2020

Photo 2020-05-20, 8 50 07 PM.jpg
Photo 2020-05-20, 8 48 52 PM.jpg
Photo 2020-05-20, 8 47 52 PM.jpg
Photo 2020-05-20, 8 45 34 PM.jpg





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